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About Us

SUNSMART Solar Power Technology Inc. (SSPTI)

About company

SUNSMART Solar Power Technology Inc. (SSPTI)

is an all renewable energy company in the Philippines dedicated on providing innovative renewable and sustainable solutions which includes but not limited to operating, installing and maintaining any energy power supply system related to solar, hydro, wind and all other renewable energy sources. 

  “SunSmart envisions a 100% Renewable & Sustainable Community empowered with the right product and solutions by SUNSMART Solar Power Technology”

Creating Green Communities Off the Grid.

– Pioneer and Achiever
– ISP or Integrated Solar Power Technology

SunSmart commits itself:

– To provide innovative, efficient, reliable and practical

– RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS to each and every Household, Commercial Establishments, Community Housing Developments, Agricultural Farms and Infrastructure Programs most especially in the rural areas;
– To introduce Renewable Power Development Programs in Isolated Distribution Areas thru a Decentralized Power Generation System;

– To contribute on mitigating the rise in greenhouse gas emissions and take part on long term global climate change adaptation programs;