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Innovative Solar Power - Partners

Innovative Solar Power is SunSmart.

SunSmart Solar Power Technology Inc. is the Sole and Exclusive Distributor of its listed solar product brands and solutions direct from its affiliated main manufacturing companies overseas. SunSmart is a pioneer, achiever and fast-growing solar company in providing integrated, intelligent, practical, mobile and powerful solar products and solutions that suits each and every market-making renewable power highly accessible, affordable yet simplified anytime and anywhere.

Major Partners

Aiming to provide our clients with the best and reliable renewable power and solutions.

SunSmart Solar Power Technology Inc. promises to deliver world-class products and services. Our products are always of outstanding quality in conjunction with our major support from our exclusive and main affiliates and guarantee direct from our manufacturers.


Other Partners

Providing solutions globally.

SunSmart products have promoted renewable energy across all borders. Pursuing a greener livelihood for homes, offices, and companies in every step that we can. All the while ensuring that every product is within SunSmart standards… at only a fraction of a cost.