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i-Smart Mini Grid

Hybrid Power Station


From SunSmart’s small scale & portable i-MoGen and medium scale stand-alone hybrid ESS, i-Pro, comes a LARGE CAPACITY, CUSTOMIZED, INTEGRATED, AND MOBILE HYBRID SOLAR POWER STATION with SEMS (Smart Energy Management System).


Hybrid Energy Management System Solution

What is the capacity?

What can it do?

How does it manage the system?

How can it work 24/7?

SunSmart Solar Mini Grid ESS Power Station Design

Types of i-Smart Mini Grid


Integrated ESS is EMBEDDED inside a structure or premise.


Integrated ESS is a SEGREGATED open structure


ESS system is integrated in either a mobile 20ft. container (1MW), or a 40ft. container (2MW)

Layout of the ESS Container

I-Smart Mini Grid Solar Power Station is an Independent and Isolated Power Station that comes in the design of mobile or embedded energy storage systems. 

It serves as electricity generators interconnected to a distribution network that supplies electricity to a localized group of customers.

Solar PV Panels

+ ESS Lithium Battery Storage  + Diesel Generator  + EMS  + Auto Robot Inspection

= Power Generation 24/7

i-Smart Mini Grid

Advantages and Opportunities

  • i-Smart Mini Grids can be used to increase the reliability of electricity supply.
  • It can help bring down and stabilize the cost of power generation compared to a utility.
  • The mere fact that it is generated by renewable resources such as Solar, Wind or Hydro or whichever is mainly preferred; i-Smart Mini-Grid Power Station incorporate a 90-99% renewable supply and thus reduce carbon emissions.  
  • Due to their small scale in nature and enhanced local ownership of physical infrastructure or management, power theft on grid systems can be reduced;
  • Because of its small size, the reliability of supply is generally greater from hybrid Mini-Grid systems as compared to a single technology.
  • With its decentralized and modular feature, it ensures availability of power when one system is not working.
  • For areas where the grid system is not ell developed and there is a vibrant private sector, Mini-Grids can easily be adapted due to the fact that they can be efficiently connected to the grid as they expand.